Guelph Tween Photographers

Guelph Tween Photographers

Kids Around Town Photo Shoot

Guelph Tween Photographer John Wills has created a fun experience for kids aged 9 – 15. These “Kids Around Town” sessions are fun, full of energy and build confidence. Each session is tailored to the individual, with each outfit thought out before hand. John will take you and your Tween on a fun walk around town, stopping at many different locations, to take some beautiful photos. He will make sure your Tween has the time of their life.

We are still looking for a couple more test subjects before launching our new “Kids Around Town” website in the spring. So if you have a 9 – 15 year-old that you think would love a session like this, fill out the contact form below the slide show for details on our pre-launch sessions. These pre-launch sessions are reduced in price, as we are wanting to have lots of photos to show on the new website.

Check out what Faith and her mom had to say about their “Kids Around Town” session and take a look at the cool slide show of some of the images we did on Faith’s two hour session.

“A big thanks to John Wills for our experience with the Kids Around Town photo shoot! Faith had a lot of fun changing locations, making wardrobe changes and experimenting with different lighting and backgrounds. She really enjoyed the ‘change tent’ which made her feel like a super model! While Faith is super confident in front of a camera, so many Tweens don’t have her confidence, however, I would completely recommend John, as he has the knack for making even the shyest kids shine both inside the studio and around town!” – Allison Vanderwerf

“I loved my ‘Kids Around Town’ photo shoot! I always have so much fun with John and the photos always turn out great. This time was really exciting because I got to have some choice in my outfits and locations and my personality could really shine through! I especially liked that I could be serious and still have fun, too! I can’t wait to see how the photos turn out!” – Faith Vanderwerf


Yes, we even talked mom into getting in on a couple images with Faith 🙂

Guelph Tween Photographers









Kids Around Town Photo Sessions Guelph

Kids Around Town Photo Sessions Guelph

Guelph Tween Photographers

Our Tween sessions are always fun, and Ali’s shoot last Friday was no exception! We walked around town, stopping to shoot some great photos in a variety of awesome locations that really showed what Ali the “tween” is all about!

These “Kids Around Town” photo sessions are focused on celebrating the “Tween” in your life. It gives kids ages 9-15 something that is all their own, and is a unique way to celebrate this particular step in their journey as they leave childhood and move forward to bigger and better things!

For the KAT sessions, we want to capture the spirit of each child and will tailor the sessions to achieve this. Give us a call and we can plan the right session for you!

Here are a few words from Ali and her mom:

“On Friday night I had the pleasure of watching my daughter Alexandra walk around our beautiful city confidently and comfortably with John Wills in a “Kids Around Town” session geared towards Tweens. From laughter to sass and all her favorite outfits she was in heaven. I highly recommend any parent who would like to give their child the opportunity to feel like a superstar and boost confidence and build character to give them the gift of a “Kids Around Town” photo session.” ~ Jennifer

“Mom – it was really fun! All the cool video and different poses and how John found different backgrounds to have each picture taken. It would be super cool for all kids to get to experience it! I felt like a superstar like Selena Gomez – I felt special! ~ Alexandra


Guelph Family and Children Photographers

Guelph Family and Children Photographers


 Guelph Family and Children Photographers like award winning photographer John Wills take pride in documenting families and kids all year long. But the fall season is typically the busiest because families want the fall colours in their photos. 

 One of the really cool things I love about my job is being able to watch families grow in front of my camera. I was very fortunate to have photographed Liz and Steve’s engagement session and their wedding 5 years ago (seems like yesterday). This amazing couple called me again a couple weeks ago to photograph their family session. They now have a stunning daughter named Millie. It was so great catching up with Liz and Steve and meeting superstar daughter. Oh and George also made an appearance as he does in most of my family sessions.

 Our family sessions are fun. I myself don’t like having my photo taken so I go out of my way to make things fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. Don’t wait any longer to have your family photographed. Give me a shout today to be sure we can fit you and your beautiful family in before the snow flies. ( yes I used that 4 letter word in August ) 🙂

Check out our Fall Family Portrait Special HERE.

Portrait Specials Guelph

Kids Fall Portraits Guelph

Guelph Photographers Kids



Glamour Photographers in Guelph

Glamour Photographers in Guelph

Guelph Portrait Studios


We are working on a new Glamour Portrait promo for this winter in our studio. This lovely lady came in for some test shots last night and she totally KICKED A##. 🙂

These sessions are going to ROCK. Simple, Elegant, Beautiful, Glamorous, Exhilarating, Confident boosting and just plain old FUN.

You can be as “sexy” as you want…. not that confident? Well no problem at all. I will help you plan out your session tailored to YOU and your comfort level.

Check out what Taylor had to say about her visit to the studio.

“My shoot with John was an excellent experience, but by now I expect nothing less! With music pounding in the background it’s easy to let go the stress of the day or of life and just get goofy/sexy/confident. He makes it so easy to be yourself in front of the camera which makes for absolutely gorgeous photos! John is also excellent at giving you direction, and telling you what looks best from his perspective behind the camera! Shooting with John is always a confidence booster and a total blast!”  – Taylor

Are you interested in having some fun and getting some stunning images? If so contact us HERE for details on these sessions and hear about our special offer we have on RIGHT NOW.

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe


Guelph Glamour Photographers






Guelph Music Photographers

Guelph Music Photographers

Kids Portrait Photography Studios in Guelph


Remember the name Kadin Robinson…… 🙂

Kadin is 12 years old and has been playing guitar for 4 years now. When asked what kind of music he likes to play “Rock” was his answer and he had a huge smile on his face. This future superstar was a dream to work, Kadin made my job easy as he followed instructions and could give me all different expressions on command….. but you probably wont be seeing the “smile” ones anytime soon because Rock Stars need to look bad ass 🙂

Here is what Kadin and his mom had to say about their session.

“John made Kadin’s photo shoot a fantastic experience for Kadin and myself and made us all feel at ease. John took the time to find out Kadin’s opinion on what he wanted to wear for the shoot. John had an idea for the shoot and knew just how to get it from Kadin, it was amazing to watch. Kadin said John made him feel comfortable and also made it so much fun to do. Kadin talked about how fun it was all night and is still talking about it. It is an experience we will defiantly do again.” – Lorraine and Kadin Robinson.


We are still looking for a couple musicians between the ages 12 and 18 for a new series we are doing. We are still looking for a trumpet, violin, flute and sax player to add to our portfolio. If you are interested please contact us for details HERE

Teen Photographers in Guelph

This image is copyrighted by John Wills and can not be used or copied in any way with out his permission.

Fairy Photos Guelph Kitchener Waterloo

The Enchanted Forest

Fairy Photos Guelph Kitchener Waterloo

Last weekend we held our second Enchanted Forest promo….. and it was a complete success again. We had so many beautiful princesses and fairies in our studio over the 2 days. Khanisa Wong booked here lovely 4 year old daughter Sophie in for a session and this is what she had to say.

“The Enchanted Forest photoshoot was the first time working with John and it was a pleasure. From the initial conversation he was professional, providing advice about clothing/colour selections and ideas to help familiarize my daughter with him to provide an efficient experience.
On the day of the photoshoot, John’s only concern was my daughter. He deliberately crouched down to talk to my 4 year old on her level and explained the entire process with great enthusiasm. The set was beautiful with hidden gems everywhere. Props were at his fingertips and we were able to get all the shots he wanted in a short period of time but we didn’t feel rushed at all.
I am thrilled with the photos that John was able to capture and can’t wait to show them off!”

-Khanisa Wong

Dates are already set for the next Enchanted Forest ….. 2 DAYS ONLY November 3rd and 4th very limited times available. Contact us today to book your session. HERE.


Guelph Fairy Photoshoots



Family Photographers in Guelph Kitchener Waterloo

Family Photographers in Guelph Kitchener Waterlo0

 The snow is finally gone for good…. well, at least it is for a few months. 🙂 Now it is time for family photo sessions. Spring and early summer is a beautiful time of year to get your family and kid’s portraits done. Everything is lush and full of life. People are excited for the warmer weather and looking forward to summer.

I had the great pleasure of photographing the Goody family a few days ago in a beautiful setting. One of the things I love most about photographing families is knowing that I have created a fresh, classical and timeless portrait for them to enjoy for years to come. Our clients see the value in ordering big, beautiful custom prints to hang on the walls of their homes, and still get some digital images for social media and sharing with others.

If you are wanting to do something a little different with your family, let us know. We look forward to trying new ideas and sharing our creativity with you and the people you love!

“John, you truly are a wonderful photographer and so easy to work with.  11 people – 6 adults (most of the time 😜) and 5 kids; now this is no easy feat on any occasion let alone to get 11 smiling faces all looking at one camera at the same time; but you did it and the pictures are perfect, you captured us wonderfully. Each individual personality in all eleven of our family members we caught beautifully and we couldn’t be happier!  These memories will be with us for years to come!

Thank you John for taking the time to work with us and bring our visions to life in portrait.”

– Jennifer Goody-Brown


“What an amazing time shooting our family photos with John. He made us all relax and brought out the best in all of us. He was great with the kids making it a fun experience.   I had a vision in my mind and John captured it perfectly. I can’t wait to have my beautiful photo hanging in my home. Thank you John for your time, patience and most of all your amazing talent and expertise.”

– Chris Goody

I was fortunate enough to work with part of this extended family a few years ago. Check this out to see how much they’ve grown!


Don’t put off getting your family and kids photographed any longer. Contact us TODAY to book a fun session.

Family Photographers in Guelph

Guelph Photography Studios Fairy Photo Sessions

Fairy Photos Guelph

Enchanted Forest Photo Sessions

We are just finishing up with all the big print orders from our Enchanted Forest Sessions. We have had many many emails wanting to know if we are going to do them again. WELLLLLLL we have decided to do them on more time…. June 9th and 10th. Check out all the details here and call today….. we sold out last time so you don’t want to wait.


Here is what Natalie had to say to her parents after her session. 🙂

“Best. Day. Ever!” – Natalie (7 years old)

“We got the Enchanted Forest photographs for our daughter’s birthday. The whole experience was fantastic, from the set, to the props, to the poses. Her opinion at the end of it all? “Best. Day. Ever!” – Scott and Emily Seager


Guelph Photography Studio Fairy Photos


CHECK OUT more photos from these sessions HERE

Top Portrait Photographers in Canada

Top Portrait Photographers in Canada

Guelph Photographer is Finalist for Canada’s Portrait Photographer of the Year

Sooooo, this happened.

I have been a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) for 4 or 5 years now. Every year all “Accredited” photographers are allowed to enter four images into the National Image Salon. There are many different categories and styles of photography, such as categories like Portrait, Wedding, Fine Art, Landscape, Wildlife, Commercial, Child Portrait and Fashion, just to name a few.

Every year there are four major awards given out. These are called POTY for short, “Photographer of the Year”. There are four different “POTY’s”: Commercial, Artist, Wedding and Portrait.

To qualify for a POTY you have to enter four images in certain categories and have all four of those images “accepted” into the National Salon. Of all the qualifiers, the “Finalists”, are those that have the highest combined scores of the four accepted images.

Images are judged over two days by two panels of five judges and one alternate. All entries are entered anonymously. If one judge knows who the maker of a photo is, they step aside and the alternate judge steps in, so there is absolutely no favoritism.

This year I entered four images in the Portrait categories in the hopes of getting all four images in the show for the first time. Every year I enter I go 3 for 4. Well….this year it finally happened. BAMMMMM!

I am very happy to announce that not only did I get all four images in, but I also scored high enough to be one of five Finalists for Canada’s Portrait Photographer of the Year.

Below are the four images with their names and the category they were entered in.

The awards will be give out the end of April in Ottawa, Ontario at the International Photography Conference and Expo.

I am very proud to have my name on the same list as the other four amazing portrait photographers.

Thank you to my fabulous clients. You all ROCK!

Another huge thank-you goes out to my incredible family. Your support over the years has been nothing short of AMAZING!



Top Portrait Photographers


Top Portrait Studios Waterloo


Portrait Photographer Toronto


Photographer of the Year


Kids Fairy Portraits Guelph Kitchener Waterloo

Kids Fairy Portraits Guelph Kitchener Waterloo 

Enchanted Forest

“I had told my 3 year old daughter that we were going to do enchanted forest pictures the following day, and having no idea what that meant she was excited to go somewhere and dress up in her fairy costume.  We arrived at John’s studio and she was a bit apprehensive, but John knew exactly what to do to bring her out of her shell by talking to her in an age-appropriate manner and initially having me close to her.  She was excited to see all parts of the detailed set John had ready and quickly started following instructions and posing for pictures.  She especially loved that she was able to hold some of the animals that were included in the set.  The following weekend Penelope asked if we could go back to do fairy pictures again!  We just finished viewing the pictures and are thrilled with the results, this was a wonderful experience for both my daughter and I. We’ll soon have beautiful pictures in our home that capture the magic of her imagination and discovery of new things.” – Janet Cutler

I have known Janet for a few years know and it was a true honor being able to photograph her adorable daughter Penelope in our Enchanted Forest.

As most of you know I LOVE to support my clients small businesses and Janet and Chandler both are small business owners.

Janet has an amazing business for all you pet owners to check out. Landmark Behaviour Inc –

Janet’s partner in crime Chandler is the Owner/ Manager at Phenom Construction Inc –

Please take some time to check out their local business. 🙂

ATTENTION: The dates are set for our next Enchanted Forest promo. CLICK HERE to book your Enchanted Forest Session before we sell out again.

Here is the adorable…….


Guelph Photography Studios
Kids Photographers in Kitchener







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