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Starting today I am going to try and do some blog posts that look back at my family and personal life. These posts will give you a glimps of things that go on in my life on a day to day basis. Some posts may just be a past family photo, sometimes it might be a book I have read or an reading, other days it might be a fun story and other times it will be a photo or story about my son Austin….. like today’s post 🙂


This is an image from a fall family portrait shoot I did in 2013. It is one of my favorite images from this session as I feel it shows the true personality of my son.

For those of you that know and have met Austin, you might think the same way. Let me know your thoughts and comment below.

Fall Family Photo Specials in Guelph

And just a quick reminder we do have a Fall Family Portrait Special on for the month of Sept. and Oct. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

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